Generation​:​Greed (single 10​/​17​/​2014)

by Braineater

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New brains for y'all.


released October 17, 2014

Bret Finkelstein - Guitar/Vocals
Jon Taylor - Bass/Vocals
Jacob Reynolds - Drums



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Track Name: Generation:Greed
Generation: Greed
Degradation creed

Every day we slave away trying to make ends meet
Scraping up enough cash to pay the bills and eat
While the one percent sits and laughs on the top floor
Watching cash reel in from us, we are their fucking whores

They're rich from the work that we put in
Laughing as their wallet fattens

Build a false morale so we work hard and greaten their pay
Make us believe they're in the right for making us slaves

We aren't as stupid as they think
But we still have to make ends meet

I am sick of sweating and being exhausted all of the time
All to not make enough to even get by
We work endlessly, this injustice needs to end
While they cruise around in their Mercedes-Benz

They're the same as you and I
Take away sustenance, we die

Incarcerate the opposition though petty crimes they will
Not giving a single fuck of our health or how we feel

Mouth shut, don't let us say a word
Move along, cattle prod the herd

Tell me why you are someone I'm expected to worship
I don't care if you're the guy that signs my skimpy paycheck

Generation Greed
Degradation creed (x4)

This isn't right
We must fight
For a livable wage
End this bitter age

Sick of being a slave
Give us more pay (x2)