December 2013 Demo

by Braineater

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released December 21, 2013


tags: metal


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Track Name: Attack of the Giant Leeches
Blood sucking creatures lurk in the swamp, at the bottom they hide.
Dragging humans to their underwater lair, none will survive.
Drinking their blood until they're stagnant and pale, leaving the carcass to rot.
Another victim taken by these swamp dwelling beasts, can they be stopped?

Attack of the Giant Leeches
Blow them to bloody pieces
Attack of the Giant Leeches
Kill them!

Held captive and bled for several days, the prey are tortured until deceased.
Covered with wounds, struggling for life, they're still the leeches feast.
Dead bodies float to the surface where they're found, the leeches sucked them dry.
Plans devising, death total rising, those leeches must die!
Track Name: Terrify, Laugh, and Smile
Outbreak U.S.
Marshall law is
In force again.
Makes your blood run cold.
Dumping bodies
By the truck load.

Social setback
One hundred years.
Few survivors
Cower in fear.
Even evil
Will still persist.
Violent road gangs,
Savage rapists.

There's a snake
behind your grin.